Log Cabin Block

I was looking at quilting blogs last night and right about 11:30 p.m. I decided I wanted to make a log cabin block.  I didn’t have a pattern handy so I figured it would be a good time to try out my Quilt Pro software.  After some trial and error I imported a log cabin block and put in my dimensions and printed out directions.  What I had not figured on was that I put in 9 1/2″ thinking that was before I finished the block and the computer was thinking 9 1/2″ finished size.  That left me with a 10″ block.  Oh well.  I was going to make one like the pattern on Quiltsville with varying widths of strips but that was a little to impromtu for me.  I need symmetry.  I finished up one block this morning.  That leaves me with 34 more if I do a twin size quilt.  I know I don’t have enough light red in my scraps to complete enough squares but I might have enough dark red.  I haven’t really given it much thought yet.  I felt like I learned one more skill and that is enough for me.

My husband and I went to Borders yesterday.  What a madhouse.  They are closing all the Borders in Austin.  We waited 45 minutes in line.  I got a quilting magazine for 40% off, a cookbook, a nice blank journal waiting for me to write in and  a “Miss Rosie’s Spice of Life Quilts.”  I have some patterns of hers for some small charm square quilts but nothing this extensive.  It has thirteen quilt designs.  I am looking forward to trying one of them out.

Tomorrow is my official quilting day.  It is my day off so I will see what comes up. What I feel in the mood for.

About grandmasusiequilts

I am a grandmother of four, a photographer and above all a quilter.
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One Response to Log Cabin Block

  1. Joel Pearson says:

    Mom, I love how being a quilter is above being a grandmother of four. We know where your real priorities are! Enjoy your day off, and if I may suggest, your mood should take towards finishing my quilt…thanks! Love ya!

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