Fabriholics Anonymous

For those of you who are joining me on the journey these next six months you can find me at suemacseeds.blogspot.com.  

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Scored some out of print fabric

Katie Jump Rope in Blues

Katie Jump Rope In Blues

Last week I was hot on the trail of fabrics by Denyse Schmidt.  I bought a yard and a half of Katie Jump Rope fabric and a yard of Flea Market Fancy.  The Katie Jump Rope fabric was reasonable.  The Flea Market Fancy not.  I have enough to make a baby quilt if I use mostly white.  We will see what pattern I come up with when I get the fabric.  I also ordered some scraps off of Denyse Schmidt’s website.  Who knew how many scraps went into stuffing a padded priority envelope.  A lot.  I have lots of ideas so I had better get cracking.

Denyse Schmidt Scrap Bag

Denyse Schmidt Scraps


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Mother of Four Grandmother of Four

My son accused me of making quilting the top of my list rather than being a grandmother and mother.  Not so.  I love my kids and grandkids.  They aren’t here everyday, however, and my fabric is and it is calling to me.

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Log Cabin Block

I was looking at quilting blogs last night and right about 11:30 p.m. I decided I wanted to make a log cabin block.  I didn’t have a pattern handy so I figured it would be a good time to try out my Quilt Pro software.  After some trial and error I imported a log cabin block and put in my dimensions and printed out directions.  What I had not figured on was that I put in 9 1/2″ thinking that was before I finished the block and the computer was thinking 9 1/2″ finished size.  That left me with a 10″ block.  Oh well.  I was going to make one like the pattern on Quiltsville with varying widths of strips but that was a little to impromtu for me.  I need symmetry.  I finished up one block this morning.  That leaves me with 34 more if I do a twin size quilt.  I know I don’t have enough light red in my scraps to complete enough squares but I might have enough dark red.  I haven’t really given it much thought yet.  I felt like I learned one more skill and that is enough for me.

My husband and I went to Borders yesterday.  What a madhouse.  They are closing all the Borders in Austin.  We waited 45 minutes in line.  I got a quilting magazine for 40% off, a cookbook, a nice blank journal waiting for me to write in and  a “Miss Rosie’s Spice of Life Quilts.”  I have some patterns of hers for some small charm square quilts but nothing this extensive.  It has thirteen quilt designs.  I am looking forward to trying one of them out.

Tomorrow is my official quilting day.  It is my day off so I will see what comes up. What I feel in the mood for.

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The Weather is Great

It has been in the low 70’s this weekend.  We could get out and enjoy the weather.  Yesterday we went to the Wildflower Center.  Today we hit the Peacock park and had a picnic lunch.  Tomorrow is my day off and I get to dive back into quilting.  I am still working on my Slash and Dash.  The blocks are time consuming.  About half hour per block.  They are already cut out.  Just have to be pieced.  I have been enjoying reading other people’s blogs.  Trying to get a feel for what I want for my format.

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Farmer’s Wife

When I was blogging about how I got started with quilting it reminded me that I had not finished my Farmer’s Wife quilt.  Since I am on a path toward finishing up all my UFO’s I dragged out all of my blocks.  I had already done 46 blocks and only needed 50 to do the lap quilt size.  I had more blocks than I thought.  I already had one-and-a-half blocks cut out so that left two-and-a-half to cut and four to piece.  It was doable.  I finished at 10:00 p.m.  In time to take a picture and write about today.  The picture I took of all the blocks somehow got deleted and I just could not get a good picture with the flash.  I ended up just taking a close-up of the last block I did.  All 50 of my blocks are different.  I was surprised to see that the blocks looked pretty good considering it was my first effort.  Now I have setting triangles, sashing and cornerstone to cut.  I really do not like setting on the diagonal but I need to carry this through to the finish.

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Quilt Label Nightmare

My Adventures with a Quilt Label

A co-worker asked me to make a quilt label for her. She knows I just got an embroidery machine. I thought to myself, no problem. Was I dreaming or what. I only have had my embroidery machine for a few months and I really have not had much of a chance to play with it. I knew I had fonts so I thought this should be easy. What I did not have was a frame or borders. So out to the web. Found a couple of inexpensive quilt label embroidery patterns. Downloaded and started to experiment. The first problem was that my bobbin thread kept coming up through the pattern. Ok, out to the web again to forums and found out how to fix that.  Did not have my bobbin thread in right.  Then back to the drawing board with getting the lettering to fit in the quit label. That took a couple of more practice trys. I got that fixed and tried it on a sample.  It came out perfect.  I then went to her fabric and off course the thread broke. I pushed the backup button and went too far and had double coverage on my letters.   Luckily I had enough fabric to do another run. This time it turned out great.

You can see I used a lot of practice fabric before I got it right. This was an all day affair. I hope she appreciates her quilt label.

All my practice trys

Practice, Practice, Practice

This is a close-up of the final try.  It turned out fine.  I hope she likes it.

The one

This Was My Best Effort

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